FUSION ふじのくに静岡通訳案内士の会
Shizuoka Guide Tours
Fujinokuni Shizuoka Interpreters' Organization

Enjoy our tours at the Home of Mt. Fuji!

Welcome to Shizuoka!

Fujinokuni Shizuoka Interpreter’s Organization (FUSION) is a group of certified guides and interpreters either by the Japanese government and the Shizuoka prefecture, conducting guided tours, interpreter works and various kinds of language related services to meet individual needs and requests by overseas and domestic clients.

Shizuoka has a lot of interesting, historical and beautiful places to see and visit And many visitors are very happy with variety of food, too. It is our pleasure to introduce charm of Shizuoka to make unforgettable memories. We do also conducts guiding outside of Shizuoka so we are very much looking forward to welcoming you to Shizuoka!


Guide Fee 

  • 24,000 yen(uo to 4 hours), 28,000 yen(up to 6 hours), and 32,000 yen(up to 8 hours)  
  • Traveling expenses and admission fees are not included.

Please contact us about the prices for interpretation, translation, English education and other English works.

We will promise to answer your expectations with good results. 


Please e-mail us if you'd like to book our service or if you have any question.

Certified Member List


Name(Japanese Alphabetical Order) Guide Number
Hiroyo Aizawa EN00126
Izumi Aoki EN00130
Hisayo Aono EN00212
Hirotaka Asaoda EN00152
Tomoo Itagaki  EN00271
Nana Ichinari EN00163

Nobuko Iida

Rie Irahara EN00268
Fumie Ueda EN00187
Ayumi Kasuya EN00134
Naoshi Kiyomoto EN00107
Yoshihiro Sato EN00238
Ryoko Sugiyama EN00084
Takumi Sugiyama EN00249
Masafumi Takaki EN00262
Miyako Tanaka EN00089
Kayoko Tani EN00241
Yoko Tsukada EN00054
Akiko Nagai EN00219
Naoko Nitta EN00176
Setsuko Hamai EN00111
Tetauya Hirao EN00261
Hitoshi Yamashita EN00157


Name Guide Number
Peng Xie Ling CH00012
Wang Ying-wen  CH00036
Huang Su-ying CH00008


Name Guide Number
Emiko Nakagawa TH00001


Name Guide Number
Hirotaka Asaoda PO00005


Name Guide Number
Hirotaka Asaoda SP00011


Name Guide Number
Kano SugimotoFR00015

We offer these services

  • Guide

(Attending tours such as FIT tours, Incentive tours, Post-conference tours, Fam trip and the like)

  • Interpretation

(Business meetings, Events, Factory tours, and the like)

  • Translation

(Brochures, business documents, websites, e-mails and the like)

  • Language teaching

(For children, adults and students preparing for exams

For staff in toursim and hospitality businesses such as hotel staff, taxi drivers, restaurants, etc.)



   Official Shizuoka City      Tourism website

  Kunozan Toshogu Shrine


Japan Tourism Association of Shrines and Temples


Mt.Fuji Yamanashi
Guide-Interpreter Association
(*Our sister-association in Yamanashi)

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